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Packaging gradually became an advertising medium. Printers offered manufacturers of packaging various catalogues of illustration templates.
These templates were 
pre-printed on various materials, such as tinplate sheets, with a gap where the names of the product and the producer would be added, thus simplifying the manufacturing process. Despite technical advances, standard forms of packaging still dominate the market today as they are compact, inexpensive and quick to produce.
However, special care is taken over the 
images and texts displayed, which convey the meaning and identity of the product using visual grammar drawing on collective imagination and where nothing is left to chance. 
Modern packaging as a sign in its own right came into being with semiology – the science of signs – at the dawn of the 20th century.

The main function of packaging is to sell the product at its point of purchase. It’s important to think carefully about how your products are packaged. In particular, you should think about: 

the structural design of your packaging - e.g how it can help advertise your product, and make it more recognizable and practical for the stockists, customers, etc 

the functional design of your packaging - e.g how it can protect your product during delivery to shops, customers and beyond.

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